Maui Brand Products

Besides the production of raw sugar and molasses, we produce specialty Maui Brand® Natural Cane Sugars for consumers at our certified food-grade sugar processing facilities in Pu‘unene. Hand-crafted one batch at a time using 100% cane sugar grown on our plantation, we retain some of the natural molasses in the crystals, to create superior quality all-natural sugars.


Maui Brand® Hawaiian Plantation White™ or Natural White (evaporated cane juice, or ECJ) is an unrefined sugar now used by many food and beverage manufacturers, bakeries, restaurants and other consumers as a natural substitute for refined white sugar.

Our Maui Brand® Premium Maui Gold™ turbinado sugar, recognized by its large amber-colored crystals, is made by the slow boiling of layer of sugar with added molasses to produce a rich taste.

Maui Brand® retail products are available at select retail stores in Hawai‘i. For more information please contact us at (800) 735-9348, (808) 877-6924 or