Ditch Safety

HC&S and its sister company, East Maui Irrigation Company, Limited (EMI), have long been committed to educating the community about safety around the plantation’s irrigation ditches.

Over the years, we have used in-school presentations, radio and print advertising, direct mail campaigns to Maui homes, and partnerships with local youth organizations to help get our important safety messages across to more parents and children alike.

If your school would like to have us speak to an individual class, an entire grade or student body about safety around ditches and our plantation, please contact Tran Chinery at the A&B corporate office, (808) 525-8406 or by email to tchinery@abinc.com. The presentation will take approximately half an hour.

Together, we can work to keep Maui’s keiki safe!

Road Safety

Moving harvested sugarcane stalks from field to factory for processing was once a job for oxen, trains and dump trucks. Today, immense tournahaulers, carrying up to 55 tons per load, transport stalks across fields, down main hauler roads and to the factory for processing. To support field operations, hundreds of vehicles are utilized – from small red pick-up trucks to diesel bulldozers pulling tractors to move our cranes.


HC&S’ complex system of main hauler and in-field roads supports our field operations, and keeps our vehicles and equipment off County and State roads and highways as much as possible. Using this system ensures the public’s safety, as well as our employees. HC&S’s main hauler and in-field roads are only for HC&S’s use and, thus, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and drivers should not enter these private roads.