Keeping Maui Green

While ‘renewable energy’, ‘recycling’ and ‘resource conservation’ have become household words in recent decades, HC&S has been actively ‘green’ since its earliest days, over 140 years ago.

A year after its incorporation, in 1883, the company began to burn residual cane fiber, or bagasse, in its mill furnaces, replacing coal with this renewable fuel. In 1912, HC&S began generating hydroelectricity, further reducing the use of fossil fuels at HC&S.

In 2009, HC&S voluntarily designated 27,000 of its acres as “Important Agricultural Lands”, or IAL, ensuring that Maui’s central isthmus is set aside and preserved for agricultural use for the future. Combined with our ongoing efforts to develop and employ new farming practices and technologies that improve farming viability, protect the land, make wise use of the island’s water resources, and increase our energy self-sufficiency, we look forward to keeping Central Maui in productive green space for decades to come.

Beyond our own plantation lands, we help manage 100,000 acres of watershed through the East Maui Watershed Partnership, a joint stewardship effort between federal, state and private landowners to preserve the native forest and ensure a clean source of water for Maui well into the future.