Training & Trades Programs

A skilled workforce is one of our company’s most valuable assets. The collective talent and knowledge of these skilled employees keeps our factory, power plant and field equipment operating efficiently.

HC&S has been training and developing industrial and technical tradespeople since its Trades Progression/Apprentice Program was established in the early 1960s. Highly successful, it is the only such program on Maui and has provided many Mauians with the opportunity to learn a certified trade while earning a living.

From plumbers to welders, instrument technicians to mechanical drafters, trades workers are trained in-house through a five-year, 7,600-hour program. The program is registered with the state and federal Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and includes four years of textbook study and on-the-job training followed by a year of on-the-job “skills refinement.”

Any person 18 years or older with a high school diploma or G.E.D may apply for the program. Please call (808) 877-6921.


The apprenticeship program is an excellent opportunity to earn while learning a trade.


Trades Progression/Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship program is registered with the State and Federal Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training. The program consists of a combination of on-the-job training and bookwork. The apprentice must complete working hours and books, as required by his or her trade. The apprentice signs a State of Hawaii contract agreeing to uphold the standard or rules of the program. The Company provides training in the trade as the apprentice learns from a Journeyworker.

The HC&S apprenticeship program applies to the following trades:

  • General Mechanic (Factory)
  • I.C.E. Mechanic (Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Machinist
  • Welder
  • Millwright (Mechanic/Welder/Machinist)
  • Power Plant Operator/Mechanic
  • Sugar Boiler/Mechanic

HC&S also offers training in the following technical trades:

  • Electrical Control Technician
  • Mechanical Drafter
  • Non-Destructive Testing Technician
  • Instrument Technician
  • Instrument & Electrical Drafter

To enter the apprenticeship program, the applicant must sign up for a specific trade, be selected, and successfully pass our pre-apprenticeship program. Pre-Apprenticeship candidates complete three trades-related tests (2.0 G.P.A.) and must obtain satisfactory evaluations from their supervisor over a three-month period. Pre-Apprenticeship positions are temporary. Upon satisfactory completion of pre-apprenticeship an incumbent is allowed into the regular apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship Information

The apprenticeship is a five-year program – four years of bookwork and on-the-job training. The last year is an on-the-job training “refinement of skills” period. An apprentice with previous work experience or education related to the trade may start at a higher level and pay rate in the program pending approval by the State. Credit will be given after pre-apprenticeship.

Total hours to complete the program are 7,600 hours (1,900/year). To earn hours, an apprentice must be present at work.

  • Pre-apprenticeship: $14.15 per hour.
  • Actual apprenticeship: $15.87 to $20.08 per hour.

All bookwork for the apprenticeship program MUST be completed. The average apprenticeship course outline has 50 books. Apprentices are required to complete one book per month or twelve books per year. All of the tests are open book. To pass the related bookwork, the apprentice must complete with a 2.0 grade point average. While apprentices may study at home, all testing is done in the Human Resources Office after an apprentice’s regular work hours. Our primary texts come from Thompson Education Direct. We use NUS (William’s Knowledge Systems) and some texts that were written internally, specifically for our factory.

Once an employee completes an apprenticeship program, he or she receives a certificate of successful completion from the State, as well as the school. A Journeyworker is an employee who has successfully completed an apprenticeship program and perform all the work of average difficulty related to the trade. Promotional progress into the higher levels is possible by demonstrating a higher level of technical skill through performance of more difficult work assignments and with less supervision.

  • Journeyworker: $21.13 to $24.75 per hour.